Report Back: 11 Norwegian cities participate in the BDS Day of Action!


Report Back: New York City Ahava Action

In honor of Palestinian Land Day, on Tuesday, March 29 we had a small, but spirited Ahava boycott demonstration outside Ricky’s on Montague Street in Brooklyn. (There were four competing Palestine solidarity and/or literary events going on in Manhattan that evening, hence the small turn-out). Bud and Fran Korotzer were on hand, and Bud took some photos. Dave Lippman of Adalah-NY brought his guitar and lead the singing. CODEPINK NYC was represented by Nancy K and Susan B. Brooklyn for Peace had the largest contingent, headed by the indomitable Naomi Allen. Ted Auerbach led the chants: “Hey Ricky’s what’s that scent? Smells like an illegal settlement!”

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Motreal (Quebec) action this Saturday




BDS Quebec, a coalition of several trade unions, community organizations, and solidarity groups, is calling people in Quebec to commemorate Palestinian land day in joining a global day of action for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign in support of the Palestinian peoples right to self-determination, freedom and dignity.
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Report Back: London BDS victory on Land Day

BDS Victory as activists drive Ahava out of its flag ship store in London

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Please join the celebratory protest this Saturday 2 April in London


Report Back: Seattle

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Report Back: London Veolia Action

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Report and photos by Salim, Bruce and Tapash.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 – In an action organised by West London PSC this afternoon in commemoration of Land Day, 27 protestors visited Veolia’s head office on Pentonville Road, near London’s King Cross along with a letter demanding that Veolia cease providing services to illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.

The security operative at the reception desk angrily demanded that protestors cease taking photographs and leave the building. After explaining their presence, those present vowed to stay until the letter was accepted – despite threats to call the police if they did not leave. In fact, the police did arrive shortly afterward, but took no action aside from asking for more information about the campaign.

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Report Back: Rome

March 30, 2011 – Land Day

Land Day commemorates the sacrifice of six young Palestinians who, in 1976, were killed in the area of al-Jahil while protesting the expropriation of their land. For the past three years, throughout the world Land Day is commemorated with Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) actions targeting the Israeli economy. March 30, 2011, in fact, saw the launch from Palestine of an international campaign to block the activities of the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

Since 1901, under the pretext of working for the environment, the JNF has stolen land and resources from the Palestinian people, selling the land exclusively to Jews or planting non-native trees so as to distort and cancel the sites of Palestinian history and culture.

In response to this call for action, the Rome Palestine Solidarity Network, together with young people from the Palestinian Community, planted olive trees in various locations in the city of Rome. Four olive trees were planted on the very land where some years ago the JNF, together with the Municipality of Rome, had planted trees. With this action, the activists intended to symbolically return dignity and freedom to this piece of land, recalling the struggle of the Palestinian people and their daily actions to defend their land from the Israeli occupation, of which the JNF is an integral part.

Another olive tree, together with a plaque explaining the meaning of the action, was planted in front of the Colosseum, a symbol of Rome often used as a backdrop for initiatives supporting human rights. The sixth olive tree, donated by A.C. Germogli, an environmental association from Sabina (near Rome), was planted next to the monument commemorating Rachel Corrie, killed in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza while defending a Palestinian home.

No occupation will ever succeed in uprooting the Palestinian people from their land.

Refuse apartheid. Boycott Israel.

Rome Palestine Solidarity Network

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