UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign begins to mobilize

With the Global Day of Action only a month away, the PSC urges all activists to start planning:

1. Take action: Go into your local supermarket with friends and raise the boycott – get leaflets/stickers/badges from the PSC office.
2. Stunts: Organise an eye-catching event with your local group – maybe do a supermarket crawl round the town centre!
3. Order materials: Use our new ‘ban settlement goods’ postcards – get your family, work colleagues and friends to fill them in too!
4. Media work: Do an advance press release to make your local media aware of what action you plan to.
5. Engaging communities: Involve your local Palestine student societies; trade union branches; faith groups and other sympathetic organisations. Make the BDS target relevant to each group – e.g. if a university has a contract with Eden Springs or Veolia, focus the student work towards that company.
6. Spread the word: Facebook, twitter, letters in the local paper, blogs, articles in trade union and student magazines are all ways to let different audiences know what you intend to do and just how their everyday actions – such as buying a particular herb – may in fact be supporting the Israeli occupation.

Let us know what you are planning to do by emailing Look out for more information about what is happening in your local area and what you can do on the PSC website.


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