Lebanon Land Day and BDS event

Falastine Horra is a campaign in solidarity with Palestine and Palestinians. It aims to increase the public’s awareness in Lebanon on the Palestinian issue and mobilize Lebanese public opinion to support Palestinians in Lebanon. It aims to break the hold of xenophobia against Palestinian refugees and to counter the increased racism, confessionalism, and sectarianism in the public discourse.

Falastine Horra focuses its activities on 3 interconnected issues:

1) Opposition to the Israeli-Arab siege against Palestinians, specifically focusing on the Apartheid Wall being built by Egypt and Israel
2) Support of the BDS movement, especially in the context of institutional and economic boycott
3) Striving towards the achievement of all human rights for Palestinians whether in Palestine, Lebanon or any other country

On the occasion of Land Day, Falastine Horra will organize a street fair that will bring all these issues together in a day of meetings, art, performance, music, and various activities aimed at the general pubic. The fair will take place on the sea corniche of Beirut at Ein El Mreisseh, one of the busiest public areas on the weekend.

– Music Programme:
o Touffar + Katiba Khamsa
o Kassem Istanbouli (Theatrical Play)
o Ivoice
o Farhan from Nahr El-Bared
o Jafra Traditional Palestinian Dances
o Tammouz Band
o Al-Karmel Band (Beddawi Camp)
o Shawki Fares

– Exhibitions:

o Art by Nidal Kheiry [http://nidalelkhairy.blogspot.com/]
o Photo Exhibition of Actions done by Falastine Horra Campaign
o Al-Shabiba Photo and Drawing Exhibition from Nahr El-Bared

– Book Fair and Corners:
o Al Adab Magazine Corner
o Socialist Forum Corner
o Al-Manshour
o Nadi Likul Al-Nass
o Masar
o Palestinian Cultural Club
o Youth Against Normalization


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