Report back from Egypt

Yesterday July 9th 2010, the global BDS day of action, Egyptian and
international activists gathered at Nasr city in Cairo. Getting ready
with their banners and flags and statements. They marched over to
starbucks cáfe, while two had already been inside distributing Boycott
statements to all customers, protestors gathered in front of the cafe
and started the flash mob. Banners in both Arabic and English were
raised beside the Palestinian flags, while protestors shouting and
calling people to boycott starbucks. As chants were higher more people
gathered and cars stopped to capture photos/videos of the surprising
protest. Nasr city; a suburb in Cairo is generally looked at as a
politically stagnant area, and accordingly this flash mob served as a
new phenomena of pro-Palestinian activism, and this was never seen in
that part of the capital city of Cairo.

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