Sweden marks BDS Global Day of Action:

Sweden marks BDS Global Day of Action:

Coop, don’t buy into occupation!
30th of March is the annual Land Day (Yom al-Ard) which is commemorated in Palestine, by Palestinians inside Israel and among friends of Palestine around the world.
It was on the 30th of March 1976 that six young Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed by Israeli military forces while participating in a general strike to protest the confiscation of land from Palestinian villages inside Israel. The military attacked a peaceful demonstration with violence and in addition to the six people that were killed, another 100 were injured and 300 were arrested.

In 2009 the 30th of March was announced to also be Global BDS Day of Action, an international day of protests against the Israeli occupation.
On 30th of March, protests and vigils will be held all over the world. In Sweden we will focus on Coop’s cooperation with companies that market products from illegal settlements in occupied territory:

– The home carbonation system Soda Stream is produced in an illegal settlement.

– Fruits and vegetables from Carmel-Agrexco are labelled as made in Israel although a large part of the produce originates from the occupied West Bank.
By marketing these products Coop contributes to violations of international law. For more than a year we have called on Coop to stop cooperating with companies that profit from the Israeli occupation but thus far Coop has refused.

Malmö: Picket outside Coop/Konsum, Norra Parkgatan (close to Folkets Park) at 10-12 hrs.

Stockholm: Picket outside Coop Medborgarplatsen and Coop Zinkensdamm, at 17-19 hrs.



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