Urgent petition from the Stolen Beauty – Ahava Campaign

This week, in commemoration of the Palestinian Land Day, March 30, which marks the murder of six unarmed Palestinian protesters in 1976, the Palestinian Boycott National Committee has called for boycott actions around the world.

Today we have an urgent request:

Will you sign our petition to big box store Bed Bath & Beyond asking them to stop carrying two products, ‘Ahava’cosmetics and ‘SodaStream’ home carbonation system,made in illegal Israeli settlements? These products are fraudulently labeled as “Made in Israel”, but are in fact produced in illegal settlements under the conditions of the military occupation in the West Bank, way outside the internationally-recognized borders of Israel.

Sign the petition here.  

On Wednesday, Palestinian Land Day, we will deliver your signatures to Bed Bath & Beyond stores that carry these products and fax the letter and signatures to its corporate headquarters and CEO Steven Temares.  Email us if you can deliver the printed petition to a store in your area.

As you may already know, Ahava cosmetics are manufactured in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Ahava’s fraudulent labeling is under investigation in the UK and in The Netherlands.Our Stolen Beauty Boycott and international boycott pressure have yielded several important victories over the past few months: Stores are pulling Ahava from their shelves, including Canada’s major department store The Bay, UK retailer John Lewis, the National Cathedral in DC, the U.N. commissary in Vienna, and many more.  At the Natural Products Expo West convention in Southern California this month CODEPINK activists questioned the sales reps at the Ahava booth and were roughly manhandled by Ahava’s private security (see astonishing video coverage here).  And our StolenBeauty.org website now features the Ahava boycott petition in seven languages!

A recent report by the Israeli research project Who Profits from the Occupation describes SodaStream’s illegal settlement activities, exposes its fraudulent labeling practices and investigates its exploitative labor practices. SodaStream is another occupation profiteer locatedthe illegal industrial zone called Mishor Adumim, one of the largest land expropriations of Palestinian land in the West Bank, which prevents a future contiguous Palestinian state. SodaStream is marketed as an environmentally responsible product, but the destruction of life, land and peace brought about by this settlement industrial zone is anything but environmentally responsible.  Save a few plastic bottles at the expense of trashing Palestinian land and people?  We don’t think so.

Take 30 seconds now to sign our petition to Bed Bath & Beyond and activists with the Stolen Beauty boycott and with our partners at Global Exchange will deliver your signature to stores around the country on Wednesday!


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