Report Back: Jewish Activists Deliver Letter of Protest to IRS addressing racially motivated actions by non-profit Jewish National Fund

For Immediate Release 3-30-11

Contact Sara Kershnar: 510-658-5347

Jewish Activists Deliver Letter of Protest to IRS addressing racially motivated actions by non-profit Jewish National Fund

Noon at the IRS Building 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco

A letter demanding the decertification of the Jewish National Fund’s charitable status will be delivered to the IRS today by Jewish human rights activists angered by the agency’s role in Israel’s Apartheid-like policies.

March 30th 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of ‘Land Day’, when people in European, North American and Middle Eastern cities protest the displacement of Palestinians from their land.  In San Francisco, dozens of activists will visit their local IRS office to deliver a letter arguing that the Jewish National Fund should be stripped of its charitable status in light of its role in dispossessing Palestinians of their land, and covering up the wreckage with forests of pine trees.

The delivery of this letter also marks the launch of an international campaign to decertify the non-profit charitable status of the Jewish National Fund.  The letter states, in part:

“The JNF is neither a charitable nor an environmental organization and therefore does not qualify for tax-exempt status.  For example, the JNF was created in 1901 to acquire Palestinian land for exclusively Jewish settlement and use.

This mandate alone warrants the revocation of the JNF’s tax-exempt status because it forms the basis for the JNF’s discriminatory and racially motivated land-use restrictions that undermine the human and civil rights of indigenous Palestinians.”
In 1948, Zionist militias, and later Israel, expelled a majority of the Palestinian population in order to establish a state with a Jewish majority. The government of Israel soon transferred the ownership of lands from 372 of the 522 ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages to the JNF in order to hold them “in the name of the Jewish people in perpetuity” and prevent the return of the Palestinian owners.

Today’s action is supported by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network as well as American Muslims for Palestine.



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